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There is so much science in support of PEMF, but the best support for PEMF are the wonderful outcomes and stories from those actually using PEMF.

My favorite story, of course, has to do with my own horse.  As most of you know he was in a terrible trailer accident as a four year old.  (He’s now 16) The main reason I got into PEMF was in order to help him with his physical issues due to the old injury. PEMF has been tremendous in helping to keep him moving freely with quicker recovery by keeping his cells healthy and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results but I know that this is what PEMF does. In addition to Bruzer having better soundness, the most amazing bonus for me is the change in his demeanor and mental well-being (behavior).

Bruzer has always been a superstar with his ground manners but under saddle he was a different horse.  No matter how much ground work I did with him, worked with him, rode him etc, he was always on the verge of an explosion under saddle.  As I began regular PEMF sessions with him I noticed a remarkable change in his behavior. The calmness on the ground was transferred to under saddle.

I was recently reviewing the benefits of PEMF and noticed that some of the specific items noted were “PEMF supports cellular function and stimulates the exchange of cellular fluids which can benefit horses in the following ways:   Reduce stress, induce relaxation, Improve athletic performance and behavior”  The consistent PEMF sessions over the past year were the only thing I added to his routine and I am absolutely convinced this is the source of his mental well-being! (improved behavior)

PEMF also helps with humans as well!  Have you been thinking about giving it a try for yourself or your horse?  Now is the time.  We have some great savings available if purchased by February 20, 2020. Purchases can be made through VENMO or by calling/text 603-759-6646 or email

Equine 3 pack 1 hour sessions for $239.00!!!      over $30.00 in savings!

Equine 5 pack 1 hour sessions for $399.00!!!      over $50.00 in savings!

Human Chair  1 hour sessions 3 pack $119.00!!! over $15.00 in savings!

Human Chair  1 hour sessions 5 pack $199.00!!! over $25.00 in savings!

Mileage may apply.


For more information on PEMF and mental health in humans:

Research and reviews on PEMF  therapy for brain-health and neuro-wellness shows it’s effectiveness as a mood booster and also major depressive disorders1. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology has proven anti-depression effects which are more effective than antidepressants2. The FDA has approved the use of PEMF for treating mental depression in US and Canada, and its also widely accepted in the eastern-europe and EU.

By enhancing cellular respiration and nutrient intake, PEMF balances hormonal functions including serotonin (which helps you feel calm, serene, optimistic and self-confident), dopamine (responsible for making you feel excited, motivated, and energized) and the stress hormone5, cortisol (which revs you up into a high gear when you need it).

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