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Meet Leslie Paplaskas

Owner- Recharge PEMF Therapy, LLC

Leslie has spent over 30 years being involved in horses.  From “show mom” to “showing mom”, she shares her passion with  her daughter, Elise.

When her beloved show partner was involved in a tragic trailering accident that ended his show career, she changed their focus  to pleasure trail riding. Due to the injury her horse, Bruzer, has soft tissue damage and periodic lameness issues.  Leslie had heard about PEMF and decided to give it a try on Bruzer.  She noticed immediate results in his gait, suppleness, and range of motion.  When she saw how effective it was for her horse she wanted to know if it could help with people, which lead her to research PEMF.  After reading everything she could find on the subject the verdict was an overwhelming YES, PEMF helps everyone!  This in-turn lead to her desire to offer this service to other equines and equestrians.

Leslie's Certifications

Leslie has advanced through three levels of training provided by the Pulse Centers training program and is an Advance Certified PEMF Practitioner, able to provide PEMF therapy to both horses and humans.  She uses the Pulse Centers EQ-XX device to deliver PEMF.  In addition, Leslie is also enrolled in the Veteran Business Owners Initiative’s  6 month, 18 module certificate program with plans to become a member of the Veteran Business Owners Association upon graduation.

Leslie has had a varied career history, beginning as a cosmetologist right out of high school. She then went back to school for her Early Childhood Degree and taught preschool for over 15 years.  After the death of her husband in 2003, the medical field peeked her interest so she returned to school once more and achieved multiple certifications as a “Certified Professional Coder” with a specialty in “Certified Evaluation and Management”  and has been working as a Medical Coder for the past 15 years.

Leslie has since remarried, has one daughter, two step sons and six grandchildren. She also cares for her cat and her horse as well as volunteering her time with the non profit organization, Stepping Stones Family Services.

Leslie has Experience Working at Local Stables

PEMF: So what IS this technology?

If you have ever held two magnets in your hands, tried to force them together, and felt a resistance between them, then you have experienced a magnetic field. Pretty cool, huh?

Here at Recharge PEMF Therapy, LLC we use the Pulse Centers/Pulse Equine system.  These systems combine the power of a PEMF generator with specifically designed accessories to deliver the energy to areas of issue on the horse and human in a systemic, gentle, and efficient manner.  These systems are unique in that they have the ability to power two loop cables at once so we can address the horse’s body and legs or the horse and human at the same time.

PEMF units send a pulsing magnetic field deep into the body to areas of dysfunction through these accessories.  Amazingly, the magnetic field finds low voltage cells.  The PEMF session can help “charge” the cells for optimal cell function by allowing the cell to expand, relax, and become more permeable.  This helps allow waste, toxins, and inflammation to be released and oxygen and nutrients to be received.  The associated movement of ions, the import of oxygen, and the releasing of waste and toxins is what helps “Recharge” the cell and start the healing process.

PEMF therapy employs a pulsing magnetic field to optimize cellular function.  Science has proven that damaged, weakened cells have an imbalanced electrical charge.  When the voltage is compromised, the cell membrane loses permeability, oxygen and nutrients cannot flow into the cell, and waste and toxins may start to accumulate inside the cell.  When this happens the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself slows down and physical dysfunction may manifest.

Put simple, PEMF helps recharge cells and helps stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Please check out the thousands of double-blind studies done worldwide. Two great sites to review are:

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